partial resume as director

The Famous History of Troilus & Cressida
by William Shakespeare
Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, 2018

Twelfth Night (As Told By Malvolio)
adapted from William Shakespeare by David Hansen
Great Lakes Theater, 2016

The Life of Timon of Athens
by William Shakespeare & Thomas Middleton
Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, 2015

The Great Globe Itself
by David Hansen
Great Lakes Theater, 2015
World Premiere

Love In Pieces
by Sarah Morton
Immersive Theatre Cleveland, 2014

The Famous History of King Henry VIII - or - All Is True
by William Shakespeare & John Fletcher
Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, 2012

by William Shakespeare
The Beck Center for the Arts, 2006

The American Revolution
by Kirk Wood Bromley
Bad Epitaph Theater Company, 2004
Regional Premiere

The Gulf
by Joshua D. Brown, Kelly Elliott, David Hansen, Margi Herwald, Derek Koger, Leah D. Krauss, Heather Stout & Sean Sullivan
Dobama Theatre, 2001
World Premiere

by Aristophanes
Original music by Dennis Yurich
Bad Epitaph Theater Company, 2000

The Tragical History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
by William Shakespeare
Bad Epitaph Theatre Company, 1999

The Eighth Wonder of the World
by Sarah Morton
Dobama Theatre, 1998
World Premiere

This Vicious Cabaret
by David Hansen, Erin Myers, Mike Schmidt, Toni K. Thayer & Jenna Weiss
Dobama Theatre, 1996

by Tia Dionne Hodge, Dan Kilbane, Trishalana Kopaitich, Keith Lukianowicz, Sarah Morton & Charles Ogg
Dobama Theatre, 1995
World Premiere

The Most Excellent & Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare
Guerrilla Theater Company, 1994

You Have the Right to Remain Silent!
written by ensemble
Guerrilla Theater Company, 1992