Red onion, WHite garlic

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Two sisters, born years apart travel through the trials, tribulations, and happy stories (or cerita rakyat) of their homeland, learning to compromise, understand and rejoice in each other, and eventually, to team together to succeed in their adventures. This beautiful tale tells the story of sisters learning to get along, and to find their own self-worth as they grow. 

Photo by Steve Wagner
Pictured: Margi Herwald, Sara Bogomolny

First Performance: 
April 8, 2017
Talespinner Children's Theatre, Cleveland

Cast: 5 W
Genre: Folk Tale
Running Time:  60 min.

The All-Female Cast of, "Red Onion, White Garlic"

The Talespinner Children's Theatre company (2017) discusses why it's significant to be part of an all-female cast.