Rosalynde & The Falcon

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Rosalynde's evil uncle, the King, forces her to run away from a throne that should be hers, and she meets a wily, wacky trio of thieves in the forest, who offer to help her. Her best friend, the Prince, accidentally gives her hiding place away, and she must go into clever disguise, with an unexpected outcome!  

Tangling Robin Hood, Snow White, and Shakespeare together with hilarious results, this tale tells the story of bumbling banditry, mixed-up secret identities, and unexpected friendship. But will they all live happily ever after? 

Photo by Steve Wagner
Pictured: Devon Turchan, Shayla Gordon, Talespinner Children's Theatre

First Performance: 
March 28, 2015
Talespinner Children’s Theatre, Cleveland

Cast: 4 M, 2 W
Genre: Children’s
Running Time:  50 min.