The Mysterious Affair at Styles
A thrill for any detective afficionado.
Marjorie Preston, Sun Press
Loaded with many comedic moments.
Ryan Jordan, University Echo
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Summer, 1917. Essex, England. Back from the war, Captain Arthur Hastings convalesces at Styles Court. But when the lady of the house suspiciously dies, the tranquil manor turns treacherous. The cause is murder and the killer could be anyone: her unappealing new husband, her ne'er-do-well son, the blunt female groundskeeper, even the local toxicologist. Enter Hercule Poirot, Belgian refugee and detective extraordinaire, who applies his famous brain to the seemingly unsolvable mystery. A cunning stage adaptation of the novel that launched Agatha Christie's career.  

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Adapted from the novel by Agatha Christie

Cast: 5-10 actors possible (2-5 F, 3-5 M)  
Genre: Mystery  
Running Time:  75 min. 

Title photo by Brad Cansler Photography, from the Chattanooga Theatre Centre production, directed by Steve Ray.