The Vampyres
a horror story of artistic importance
  • Sinister, sexy, perverse, and hilarious.
    linda eisenstein, cool cleveland
  • An intensity that makes the waters in which it wades feel very deep and dangerous indeed.
    anastasia pantsios, the free times
  • Juvenile ... infantile blathering.
    tony brown, the plain dealer
The Vampyres
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Witness as a young doctor enters a mysterious coffee house, encountering an old flame, two musicians with a taste for blood, and the seeds of his own destruction.

Sex, blood, and rock n' roll.

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Pictured: Matt Zitelli, Tim Keo, Cleveland Public Theatre

First Performance
March 8, 1997
Dobama Theatre

Cast: 3 M, 2 W
Genre: Humor, Horror
Running Time: 70 min.