The Way I Danced With You
(The George Michael Play)
“A lovely nuanced play ... Always stays one step ahead of the audience ... Honest, natural dialogue that remains eloquent and funny.”
Eric Coble, playwright (Bright Ideas, The Velocity of Autumn)
"A perfect piece for two strong actors who want to show their range, and directors who love to work with intimate relationships and make compelling discoveries."
Greg Vovos, playwright (How To Be a Respectable Junkie)
The Way I Danced With You
(The George Michael Play)
As high school lovers, Dani and Charles' courtship dances around the truth. As they move into adulthood, the steps become ever more intricate and emotionally dangerous. Over the span of ten years, "The Way I Danced With You" traces the mysterious choreography of romance and illusion.  

World Premiere Performance:
March 21, 2019
Ensemble Theatre, Cleveland

Cast: 2 actors (1 W, 1 M) 
Genre: Drama 
Running Time:  90 min.